Merced Backs Off (Way Off) From Outrageous Security Fee

Los Angeles (3/5/2018) –  When the College Republicans at the University of California, Merced, began planning to host conservative author and political commentator Ben Shapiro on April 12, 2018, campus authorities told the group it would be charged a whopping $17,000 for security. Last week, after we sent a letter to the university, their tune changed. It was all a mistake, a misunderstanding. They will be charged only $1,823.60.

This is the second time in a matter of one month that Freedom X has successfully challenged a public university for assessing onerous security fees on College Republican groups for hosting controversial conservative speakers. At the University of Washington, Seattle, we won a temporary restraining order blocking the university from charging its College Republicans a $17,000 security fee. We are now filing a motion for preliminary injunction on Wednesday to maintain the status quo pending the outcome of our federal civil rights lawsuit.

Colleges and universities around the country are engaged in this form of intellectual McCarthyism. Today, for instance, we learned that the University of Miami is charging the campus’ Federalist Society chapter $17,000 to host author Charles Murray and the University of Connecticut has invited Women’s March organizer and sharia law advocate Linda Sarsour to speak on campus after restricting access to a speech by  Ben Shapiro. These stories are featured in The Right Column on our website where we aggregate daily news stories exposing discrimination against conservatives.