FREEDOM X Sues Newsom, San Diego To Open The Churches

  Los Angeles (May 1, 2020) – Freedom X has filed a First Amended Complaint and Motion for Preliminary Injunction in a federal lawsuit against the State of California and the County of San Diego challenging stay-at-home restrictions on church worship attendance. The lawsuit, filed on behalf of Abiding Faith Ministries, a church in Campo, CA, is one of several similar lawsuits around the country challenging the constitutionality of shutting down church services.

In San Diego County, health officials have instituted the most draconian law in the country, disallowing anyone not deemed to be involved in “essential” services to “gather” with even one other person. Churches have specifically been singled out for public worship, even if all social distancing and heightened sanitation protocols are adhered to.

“These laws give government complete and total authority to suspend the First Amendment guarantees of liberty, including the free exercise of religion and the right to peaceably assemble,” said Freedom president Bill Becker. “The County of San Diego has criminalized going to church. There’s a word of what’s going on. Its called  tyranny.”

A June 1, 2020, hearing on the motion for injunctive relief before U.S. District Judge Cynthia Bashant is scheduled. Bashant has previously denied the church’s request for an immediate order blocking the County from enforcing its Orders. 

Freedom attorneys Becker and Jeremiah Graham are being assisted in the lawsuit by Harmeet Dhilon and Mark Meuser of the San Francisco-based Dhillon Law Group.

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