Freedom X Sends Letter To Univ Of Washington Demanding It Cancel Security Fees Imposed on College Republicans Hosting Patriot Prayer’s Joey Gibson

Los Angeles (2/02/2018) – Freedom X has sent a letter to the president of the University of Washington in Seattle demanding the college rescind a $17,000 security demand against the University’s College Republicans group for a tentative February 10, 2018, event on the campus.

The UW College Republicans have applied for use of the campuses “Red Square” on a Saturday afternoon featuring Joey Gibson of Patriot Prayer, a Christian evangelist and conservative patriot. The University’s excessive security demand is based on the content of the event and the viewpoints expressed. Already, even before the event has been confirmed, a radical group of left-wing activists calling themselves “Solidarity Against Hate” (note the irony) is threatening to disrupt the UWCR event with a counter-protest. The group’s website states:

We, the students and faculty of the University of Washington, and the broader community of Seattle, refuse to accept the hateful messages of Patriot Prayer on our campus. We stand against fascism and nationalism, and we recognize that we must stand in solidarity for the rights of marginalized people in our community.

Join us for an afternoon of peaceful protest in Red Square on February 10th. Signs are encouraged, chants will be led by the UW Antifascist Student Group Coalition. Individuals unaffiliated with UW are also invited.

In the letter sent by e-mail to the university president, police chief and other administrators, Freedom X president Bill Becker argues that under substantial legal precedent, public authorities cannot impose a fee for speaking based on the estimated costs of security.

“Under the heckler’s veto doctrine, listeners’ reaction to speech is not a content-neutral regulation.,” Becker states. “Speech cannot be financially burdened, any more than it can be punished or banned, simply because it might offend a hostile mob.”

Freedom X has given the University until the close of business on Monday to reverse its security fee demand and allow the group to conduct its “Freedom Rally.” If the University does not rescind its demand, Freedom will seek injunctive relief in federal court.