June 1, 2022 – A former Los Gatos, California, middle school teacher laid off and fired for political reasons is fighting to be vindicated in four separate pending lawsuits. Freedom X represents David M. Kissner, a former tenured math and science teacher at CT Middle School, who made news in 2018 when he opposed an unlawful school-sanctioned student walkout organized for the purpose of influencing gun legislation. In 2020, David campaigned against extending a local tax measure aimed at providing the school district with additional funding because the funds were not earmarked for an educational purpose and the district had already run through seven years of public funding with nothing to show for it. Then, David sought a petition to hold a special election to fill a vacancy on the school board the board sought to fill by appointing a political crony.

Despite his political naysayers mischaracterizing his motives and vilifying him in his community, David’s purpose in each instance was to fight the school district’s progressive agendas. Last year, the Loma Prieta Joint Union School District retaliated against David by simultaneously firing him and having him laid off. This unprecedented enforcement of two procedures for eliminating a teacher’s employment is now being fought in four legal fronts.

David is appealing his layoff and dismissal in separate proceedings in Santa Clara Superior Court. In addition, he has sued the school district and other defendants for civil rights violations in a San Francisco federal court and will shortly be filing a separate lawsuit in Santa Clara Superior Court alleging violations of state claims, including wrongful termination and defamation.

In its statement of charges launching dismissal proceedings against him last year, the school district falsely alleged that David was guilty of “grooming” or “potential grooming” of children. This slanderous accusation made its way into social media, where community members who had opposed David’s anti-walkout stance in 2018 and his success in defeating the tax measure made the false claim go viral. David and his family have been forced to leave their Northern California community because of gossip that he poses a threat to children.

Freedom X proudly represents David, a committed practicing Christian, a Marine Corps combat vet, and a family man because he is the victim of a malicious effort to destroy him simply for taking a principled stand against his employer’s corrupt policies and practices.

We have been litigating this matter for approx. three years without compensation. We now desperately need you help funding the litigation. Please make a monthly donation of $25 to the David Kissner Litigation Fund and help us find victory against the cancel culture.