Decision Upholds Rights Of Mexican Students To Not Be Offended By American Flag

After many months of waiting for the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals to decide whether it would take another look at our appeal in a case involving the right of students to wear patriotic clothing at school (Dariano v. Morgan Hill Unified School District), the liberal court issued an order today denying en banc (11 judges deciding) review. This is the case in which our clients were ordered to remove their patriotic clothing on May 5 at a public high school because it offended the “Mexican” students celebrating Cinco de Mayo.

Judge O’Scannlain’s excoriated his fellow judges in a searing dissenting opinion, stating:
The freedom of speech guaranteed by our Constitution is in greatest peril when the government may suppress speech simply because it is unpopular.  For that reason, it is a foundational tenet of First Amendment law that the government cannot silence a speaker because of how an audience might react to the speech.  It is this bedrock principle—known as the heckler’s veto doctrine—that the panel overlooks, condoning the suppression of free speech by some students because other students might have reacted violently.

Judge O’Scannlain pounced on his fellow judges, lamenting that their opinion “contravenes foundational First Amendment principles, creates a split with the Seventh and Eleventh Circuits, and imperils minority viewpoints of all kinds.”

Bill Becker, founder and president of Freedom X reacted to the opinion by noting the court’s outrageous comparison of the Stars and Stripes with the Confederate flag. “The American flag is not a symbol of racism or division,” Becker said. “It is the symbol of freedom and unity. Americans have fought and died to protect that flag, and now we are told to conceal it so we don’t offend Mexican aliens, some of whom entered this country illegally. The liberal judges on the court were forced to do rhetorical backflips to come to this outrageous decision.”

Freedom X will now appeal the case to the U.S. Supreme Court and has 90 days to file its petition for certiorari.

Freedom X will not allow the politically correct judiciary insult our flag.  Please help us mount this important challenge with your generous donations. And pray for ultimate victory.

All for His glory!
Colossians 3:17

William J. Becker, Jr.
President/CEO/General Counsel


  • Fedup

    The solution is to run all of these illegal aliens and their anchor babies and dreamers out of our country and they can put a liberal judge, like these A-Holes, under each arm and take them with them. These illegals are pushing for another war with the legal citizens of America by violating our rights. I still don’t understand how these illegals have any rights to be violated.

  • Ken Bora


  • Grim Reaper

    The simple solution to this is to start removing judges that go against the will of the people, and the law of the land. No person should be able to be a judge unless they have served in this nations armed forces. Putting absolute morons in power of our judicial system is a joke.
    We need competent capable people who stand up for our nation, not self serving scumbags.

  • loony1975

    Liberalism is what will not be tolerated for much longer…soon they will p–s us off enough to eradicate even the idea of liberalism…libtards just keep making that target on their backs bigger and bigger…

  • kstep15

    I’ll fly my flag 365 days of the year and I’ll wear what I choose to wear, and that is RED, WHITE and BLUE!!

  • Ron Wanamaker

    well maybe they will get their wish no american flags. when they are living in mexico again. via deportation.

  • Vincent Marcantelli

    To continue on from [joe katona], This is not IRAN, this is not Mexico, this is not some God forsaken place in the middle of hell on earth. I as a Vietnam combat vet, who spilled my blood along with MILLIONS of other men and women for this country, for every one of these so called wimpy sorry ass so called JUDGES, for those persons who came into this country, yes, via the BACKDOOR, look, you are the breakers of the law, OUR LAW, and for you sorry ass judges, and ANYONE of you who happen to agree with these freaks, if you don’t like this country……my question to you is why in the hell are you here, why are you still here, if you think that you are going to change MY country, if you think that you as a judge are going to assist these ILLEGAL people in there quest to change MY country, your crazy as HELL. I could care less about the Mexican Holiday, if those people do not want to respect MY flag, then again, your crazy as hell if you think, I’m going to assist them in the celerbration of that Mexican holiday. The long and the short of this is we have and had some VERY SORRY ass leaders and they in turn appointed there sorry ass friends and in the final…..this is what we have WANTING TO RUN THIS GREAT COUNTRY.
    Remember this: If ANY one of you who have a problem with OUR country, do this, get off your ass, pick up your phone call the airline, and either drive or fly your sorry weak ass out, try this on for size, if your so concerned about the rest of the people in the world, go to that country……no do this in stead, you go to that place and let them satay here in your home, take your job, drive your car, and live your life, try that for a week or so. This is a country that has allowed EVERYBODY in the good the bad and all those in between, but now some one of your liberals, said lets let EVERYONE in the question to you and your ‘friends” is WHY?. SO MANY OF THESE people have lived a life of lawlessness, so why would they change?, they have no respect for you, our laws, or our country!. So, the long and the short of this is [If you don’t respect MY COUNTRY, I WILL NOT RESPECT YOU] simple!

  • Joe S Hill

    Curse of the liberal left! to attack American Patriotism in such a manner clearly shows how seriously out of control that the PC liberal left has become, and these people are headed for a dangerous confrontation with other Americans! their delusional insanity will never be the norm, no matter what kind of excuses that they use! if Mexican immigrants wish to
    embrace liberal brainwashing, then it’s our job to correct them, and if that doesn’t work, then they don’t come here! the liberal left is headed for war with conservatives, and eventually it’ll happen if they’re not careful!

    • Gloria D.

      ..and the CONSERVATIVES will win hands down!! Little liberal loons can’t even look at a gun or even talk about one without whining. SNOWFLAKES!!!

  • William McNamara

    I think it’s time to lock and load, fix bayonets and clean out our nation of anti-American illegal aliens and their supporters.

    • Gloria D.

      I like your idea!!

  • rick meek

    Well – Proof Positive that the 9th circuit has to be removed at any cost……..

    • Gloria D.


    • Bandit

      At one time they were talking about breaking it up into smaller systems, I hope they still do, the ninth circus is just a bunchof of black robed clowns.

  • wattsupstupid

    Hum wouldn’t you know that the most overturned court in the land would make such a disgusting ruling. Well chock one more up that will have to be overturned by the Supreme Court. These judges need to all lose their jobs and hopefully Trump will put them out on their per verbal arsses with a good swift kick. These Mexicans that are offended by the very symbol of freedom that they come to the USA for is beyond stupid.

    • Ron C

      They don’t come for the freedom…they come for the freebies!

  • scott
  • Freedom Guy

    Folks, this case is about 4 years old. Not sure why it is circulating now.

  • They do not have to be offended – they can go to Mexican schools in Mexico where they do not have to see the US flag. I’ll be patriotic wherever I AM -EVEN IN A FOREIGN COUNTRY IF I CHOOSE. Only idiots pay attention to anti-American judges. Time to start kicking foreign judges out of the courts…..foreign in birth, foreign in belief, foreign in judgements. WE ARE NOT RESPONSIBLE WEAK MINDED “JUDGES”. I think the one finding in this case belongs in a mental institution.

  • Pat Cross

    if patriotic clothing is banned, then so should the celebration of FOREIGN holidays

  • Patriot159

    I’d wear the flag anyway and let them suspend me. Then while out of school, I’d walk up and down the sidewalk outside the school wearing the flag. Go ahead and arrest me you stinking communists! AMERICA WILL RISE AGAIN!!

    • Gloria D.

      Exactly!! They are in our Country!!! Those judges should all be replaced..NOW!!!!

      • Fedup

        These judges were appointed by the head muslim himself in his effort to take down America and he is still trying. They should be kicked off of the court for being traitors to the American people.

  • usmc12

    I thought this shit would end with President Trump, where the Hell are you Sir

    • In Trump’s defense……he has been exceedingly busy dealing with far more important things than ding-bat judges who make the silly findings this idiot did. Let’s just continue life as we always have and ignore this idiocy that belongs in mental hospitals. Eventually President Trump will put a stop to this silliness and ignorance.

  • usmc12

    These people need to be intimate with a tree limb, I can put my mouth or clothes wherever I want, no judge or Gov’t official will ever succeed in stopping me!!!!

  • Ron C

    Just a bunch of liberal buttheads in black robes spewing stupidity…I would like to see them enforce that crap!

    • This is right up Larry Klayman’s alley. Eventually I have no doubt he will get this crap stopped. He is busy putting the courts in place. Trump is busy bringing jobs to America, and other quite important things that Obama drove away. And he is doing it with constant jabbering from the left wing of politics……and some who try to make believe they are of the right, but who are avowed leftists.

      • Gloria D.

        I love Larry Klayman..Freedom Watch and Judicial Watch!! I give every time I can to him!! Thank God for Larry Klayman!!!!!

    • Gloria D.

      Exactly!!! They can kiss my patriotic derrière!!!! We are in AMERICA!! No looney leftover OBAMA JUDGE will ever tell me what to do in that respect!!! They can stick it where the sun doesn’t shine!!!!

    • Bandit

      Remember that some of those so called judges were put there by bamba boy, and bamba boy was as barefoot this country as anyone could be

  • grandmary42

    Outrageous! Those judges should be fired!

    • Gloria D.

      100% in agreement!!

  • joe katona


  • tommy two putt

    This is just getting out of hand. When is it WRONG to show your PRIDE for your Country? Did these MEXICANS have on or carrying the MEXICAN flag? Did anyone check to see if these MAXICANS were legal or better yet were their parents. And if these MEXICANS didn’t like thr AMERICAN FLAG, then take your — back to Mexico and don’t come back. Other wise shut your mouth and just say thank you for giving me free money and food and a education. While the FLAG of freedom was flying over head.