Freedom X Campaigns

The world has changed dramatically. Respect for our religious values has been displaced by “pride” for one’s sexual identity. It was assumed that God made the universe and all things visible and invisible. Today, it is assumed there is no God, and that the universe miraculously created itself within a vacuum, curiously planting life on one tiny orb. A woman’s “reproductive rights” are greater than the rights of the unborn child. Islam, open borders, the homosexual agenda vie for the soul of America.

Freedom X is engaged in winning back the values that shaped a great nation. Explore our campaigns to learn more.


America’s borders are becoming welcome mats for illegal aliens, terrorists, predatory investors, spies and looters. The open border policy has dangerous consequences for our freedom of expression. Learn about our cases and what Freedom X is doing to secure our First Amendment freedoms.


Faith & Freedom

America’s Christian heritage is at a crossroad. Atheists, Muslims, libertarians, secular activists and our own government are intrepidly working to erode the Biblical principles that built a great nation. It is occurring at the office, in the public square, in the military, in academia, in public schools, in the scientific community. Read more…

intellectual mccarthyism circle

Intellectual McCarthyism

The science is settled on global warming, said Al Gore, before the science community scrapped the term and invented climate change. Intelligent design is religion, they say, and not a legitimate scientific theory. Opposing the orthodoxy of the Left in America will cost you your job or career. Learn how Freedom X defends your freedom to express views the Left hates.


Creeping Sharia

Muslims are actively seeking to impose Islamic law – sharia — within communities throughout America. Opposing sharia or Islam’s anti-democratic principles will wind up branding you a bigot and a hate-monger. Freedom X won’t be intimidated by Muslim hegemony of our law. Read more…